Monday, December 22, 2008

Okay! Okay! I guess I suck at this blogging thing, but I did say that in my original post. I do enjoy reading every ones updates though.'
December started off great, and I had high aspirations for a Christmas with us all together after 2 years. I was going to make this a spectacular Christmas. But around the middle of the month I caught a cold, oh great! But I usually shake these things really quick, with my herbal witch's potion. But it didn't work, go figure! I had a temp and had no energy. This was not looking good, we were supposed to be going to Vermont. Gil & Peter gave me a blessing and I felt better but still had the cough. SO off to Vermont we go...
We drove to NB and met up with the Pattison's & Green's and left Sunday morning. We went to church in Bangor and then finished last leg of the trip to Vermont. (I asked first and they said they didn't mind if I came with a cough) The power was out at the hotel when we got there, but it was great to have arrived. Vermont is a lovely place and the mountains are big, take that Martock! Gil & I didn't ski, but the others did. The cough persisted, but other wise I felt fine. We went to the Stowe lodge for a day and hung out there, check out my pics on facebook... what a place. Can't afford to stay there.
We saw the Von Trapp family lodge which was kinda cool, you know the family from The Sound of Music. A beautiful place too, I might go stay there someday, sing with them a bit maybe?
Anyway to make a long story short we had a LOVELY time, thanks Pattisons & Greens. We love you guys, you are a lot of fun.
We got home and I started to not feel good again, still constant coughing, Gil has changed beds by this time. :-) I finally gave in and went to the Dr, he said oh you have pneumonia, well I 've never had that before...nor do I want it again! So I have been in bed, everyone doing all the work, which I'm not going to lie is kinda nice. But some Christmas traditions are going to take a break this year. It will be simpler, which is a good thing I guess. I feel on the mend now, but still get tired easily. Which I don't like :-(
Lessons learned: You don't get pneumonia from going outside in the cold
First you get a cold, then if your run down you get a secondary infection "P"
Antibiotics are great, but sometimes take a few days to kick in
You can let others help
Christmas still comes even if your house isn't clean and you haven't done any
Resting is good when your sick
AND I like watching church from my bed :-)
But alas life is still good and I 've been greatly blessed, there have been lessons learned this year and many great things have happened in 2008. I'm looking forward to 2009 being better, still! That's it for NOW

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is Crazy!

Here's the thing... I did say I was too old to blog right? Well this is fun and all but I can't figure out how to put pictures in here and how to have that little thing on the side with other people's blogs. I thought I figured that out, and added Kristine's but alas I was wrong. Now I can't get it off. (To old)
And what's with the no spell check... how are we supposed to live without that? Since spellcheck came into my life I don't know how to spell anymore. Sad really :-)
So if anyone wants to come over and teach me how to do those 2 things I would be grateful and I"ll make you some cookies or maybe even Mars Bar Squares. Fair trade I think.
Happy Day
( I'm surviving Gil's practise run at retirement.)
Ann out

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Let the Fun Begin!!

Just so you know right off the bat. I won't be blogging much, but if you don't have a blog you can't comment on other people's blogs... aka my daughters. But I do enjoy reading peoples blogs they are a great way of catching up and keeping a record. And some of you guys are very funny... aka Rob Veinot & others. I also enjoy that yum fun and then some site, great recipes guys.
I am more than likely breaking some unwritten age code of blogging as well, shhh don't tell.
That's it from the Smith FunHouse
"Have a great day"