Thursday, April 30, 2009

Now What?!

Well this is a very big week in our house. A day we have been anticipating for 9 years. Life will be very different... in fact so different we're not sure what to expect or even imagine what it will be like. As I say... I don't know who he will be but I support and sustain him. It is a big job and you can never really know until you have lived it. So I pray you will sustain the new "guy" as well, who ever he may be?!
As of this posting we have 3 more sleeps, till Gil's release. We looking forward to more time with family and friends, less stress and demands. More camping and Saturdays to walk on the beach and work in the garden. I also have a "honey do list" 9 years long. Gil will be busy :-)
But one thing we have decided is we don't want to fill the space with other busy-ness. Unwind will be the order of the day, I hope.
And if you are the new "guy" or the wife of the new "guy", please know we love and sustain you in your new adventure. Enjoy the journey and ignore the people who want to derail you.
So long


The Abarca's said...

What is has been 9 years already. CRAZY!!!!
I wonder who the new president will be. When do you find out?

MamaSmith said...

Not until Sunday morning like everyone else. :-( Gil will know I'm sure, but he won't tell me, he never tells me anything fun.

Let the party begin... said...

Well done! I am so happy and sad at the same time. You and your husband has done alot for our stake and we will miss that and at the same time relish in this new beginning of sort. I hope that this means less projects and more beach time, lol.