Friday, October 30, 2009

Can I just Say... I LOVE MY LIFE!!

You know sometimes life throws you some curve balls, you wish hadn't come your way but you gotta catch them and throw 'em back.
So hence I love my life, when I check my blessings... I have a lot!!!!! I like where I am in life most of the time.
I still love my husband after almost 29 years, yikes that's a long time.
I have 5 wonderful kids, who I have to say are turning out rather fabulously, 1 beautiful little grand-daughter who lights up my life, she loves me and thinks I'm grand! It's nice to be loved like that again. She prefers me over Gil... but shhh don't tell him that. And another grand child on the way. What else can I possibly want, well maybe more money, but what are ya going to do? Next time I marry, I marry for money not love. :-) See how that works. 
I love NS and Canada which I think are kinda swell places to live, a little more $ to travel to a warm climate in the winter would be fab though. I have friends who are wonderful at finding things for me though.
I do have friends which are a blessing they make life fun and fill it with laughter. I like that. Thanks guys
I only have 2 kids living at home, which I must say is very manageable, indeed. Most of the time.

So here's to life, fun and love! Tell me what you are blessed with... 

Ann Out


Let the party begin... said...

Since we've been friends for a while, I'm going to assume I'm included in that long list. You are a blessing to me too, my friend. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, lol!

MamaSmith said...

you are for sure on the list my friend. love ya

MamaSmith said...

oh and by the way.......
update your blog!