Monday, November 23, 2009

Ain't life Grand!!!

Only a few days left for my give away and it looks like it will be a Nelson party. Those Nelson's are all over the webworld :-)
I made a yummy granola this week, it has been a hit in our house.

Here is the recipe and cost break down
10 c large flake oatmeal >>>>>>>>> $1.33
1 c dried milk >>>>>>>>>>> $1.66
5 c flaked coconut >>>>>>>>>>>> $2.45
6 c nuts & seeds >>>>>>>>>>>> see note below
3 tsp salt >>>>>>>>>>>> ?
1 - 1 1/2 cup canola oil >>>>>>>>>>> ?
1 cup of honey >>>>>>>>>>>> ?
3 tsp vanilla >>>>>>>>>>>> ?
3 cups of currents >>>>>>>>>>>>>> $2.82

1) Combine dry ingred. except currants
2) Add wet ingred. oil first is best
3) Place on cookie sheet, spead out and level
the thicker it is the longer it takes
4) Use spatual to turn every 5 minutes or so
It's done when it is gloden brown and hot to the touch
5) Add currents and let cool

? marks are items I had in my kitchen and I assume so do you.

The nuts I used are a mixture and you can add any you like
but I put in a mixture to add up to 6 cups
1 cup sunflower seed >>>> $1.41
2 cup walnuts >>>> $3.50
1 cup cashews >>>> $ 4.20
1 cup pumpkin seeds >>>> $ 2.72
1 cup sliced almonds >>>> $ 1.95

So as you can see the nuts are the most expensive part, but also
the tastiest. But you can certainly choose a cheaper variety or your
This makes ALOT so you can 1/2 it as well and still have a good amount

Hope you try it, it is YUMMY

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